How to treat Acne Scarring?

Acne is a notoriously tough beast, if you will, where people who suffer from it are often left feeling very deflated as it is very persistent. This can leave people feeling overwhelmed and worrying that it will be with them forever. In most cases, acne will eventually stop, but people are more often than not left with scarring from their acne. Again, this leaves people feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. However, luckily enough, there are a huge range of treatment options available for acne scarring which will allow you to combat those persistent scars and once and for all get rid of that acne!

As I said previously, there are tons and tons of acne scarring treatments available, but it is important to go with one that suits not only your level of scarring but also your skin type and one that you will be more than happy to endure as most treatments are on-going. Whether you have mild, moderate or extreme scarring, fair, light or dark skin, it doesn’t matter, there will be a treatment that is just right for you.

How to treat acne scarring

before and after treatment results at Nitai

Because acne scarring can cause permanent damage there aren’t any at home or DIY treatments that you can do yourself that will successfully get rid of acne, all of these are medical treatments which need to be performed by professionals, such as ourselves. The treatments we offer are as follows: skin needling, skin peels, microdermabrasion, plasma regeneration, revlite q switched laser, fraxel laser and co2 laser. Each of these treatments are targeted towards specific skin tones and severity of acne scarring. The best way to find out what treatment is best for you is to book in for a consultation with a skin doctor. They will be able to talk you through the processes of each treatment and assist you in choosing which would be best to remove your acne scarring.

In the mean time, a great way to minimise the appearance of your acne scarring is to use mineral makeup. This will help you to look and feel great whilst your scars are still visible and because the makeup is mineral based, it will not cause any breakouts or cause your skin to become oily.

As you can probably tell, there are many ways available to reduce acne scarring, but it is so important to go with the option that you will benefit from the most. Enlist in the help of a professional, such as ourselves as we will be able to assist you in choosing a suitable treatment option. Once you get started you will only be left thinking why you didn’t do this earlier! Your skin will look great, you confidence will be booming and you will feel like a new person. What’s not to love?