Benefits of using mineral makeup

Mineral makeup isn’t exactly a new concept, but it is definitely gaining popularity each and every day! As consumers begin to become more aware about what’s in the products that they are using and consuming, makeup included, people are beginning to make more informed decisions. Inevitably, these decisions seem to be leaning towards more healthier, natural choices, so it is no surprise that mineral makeup is a hit! People are now being driven towards more natural products with less artificial ingredients being used, and this is exactly why mineral makeup is a fantastic choice!

Minerals are being used as an alternative to existing ingredients in makeup and over the past few years the demand for this has really grown. There are so many benefits to using mineral makeup and I will outline a few of these reasons below.

No harmful residues or chemicals

Mineral makeup is free of harmful residues and chemicals which can only be a positive thing for your health, wellbeing and skin!

Allows your skin to breathe

Mineral makeup is non-comedogenic which means that it does not clog pores and allows the skin to breathe. This is fantastic as we all know clogged pores and irritated skin results in pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and the likes.

Good for acne

Mineral makeup has a calming effect on the skin and because it is free of chemicals and artificial products it really bodes well with the skin. Because mineral makeup is also oil free it does not support bacteria growth, which is great for those of you with acne-prone skin! In fact, many people who are going through acne treatments are encouraged to switch to mineral makeup products.

Highly resistant

Mineral makeup is highly resistant to many weather conditions, such as heat and humidity. Unlike other makeup, where you hear the all too common phrase,”my makeup is melting off my face,” this just doesn’t happen with mineral makeup. Along with this, unlike traditional makeup, which never looks as good in the afternoon as it does in the morning when it’s fresh, the way mineral makeup sits on the skin and interacts with light ensures you will have flawless looking skin all day long!

Great coverage

Many people who use mineral makeup claim that it has given them a glowing, full coverage, better than any other makeup they have ever used. Typically, when using non-mineral makeup, if you want to apply a few coats to cover up any blemishes, it will look cakey and not very nice, however, when you use mineral makeup, it really blends well together and doesn’t look cakey or feel thick on your face. There are many great brands of mineral makeup available today, including YoungBlood, which we stock in our clinic. To find out more about mineral makeup, give us a call today!