Acne Scar Treatment & Removal

Acne Scar Removal

If you have suffered from acne and have been left with scarring, we are here to help you with acne scar treatment &removal in Melbourne. Covering your acne scars with makeup may provide a temporary fix, but we can provide a full-time fix. We can do this through the use of laser acne scar removal and filler treatments where you choose which works best for you. Along with this, we also have treatments for mole removal. Read about our laser acne scar removal, skin peels and needling services, blackhead removal, plus more, below.

  • CO2 Laser: This is an effective way of treating medium to severe acne scarring. This technique is where your therapist will direct focused beams of light onto the affected area of your face, ultimately this will result in your acne scars fading. This type of treatment is suitable for people with lighter skin.
  • FraxelLaser: This is known as the Gold Standard when it comes to acne scarring treatment Melbourne as it has been extremely effective for a very long time. The process for this treatment is where tiny columns of light are directed to the target area. As a result, your acne scarring will fade.
  • Revlite Q Switched Laser: This treatment will help with the reduction of pore size, abnormal pigmentation and blackheads as well as tightening your skin.
  • Plasma Regeneration: This technique is usually performed on those with severe acne scarring. This works by stimulating the formation of new main structural proteins of the various connection tissues.
  • Microdermabrasion: This technique is best for those with mild acne scarring. Tiny crystals will buff the outer layer of skin, which, as a result, will help to heal your acne scars.
  • Skin peels: Here the outer layers of your skin will be removed. This technique is suited to those with superficial acne scars. Different strengths of skin removal are available, however, our doctor will let you know which strength is correct for you.
  • Needling: This technique also works best for those with superficial acne scars. Fine needles will puncture the skin, which will trigger the production of main structural proteins, and as a result, your acne scarring will fade.